In 1979 Douglas Rogers started out at the age of 21 years as an apprentice in a custom re-upholstery shop. Here is where he learned his craft in custom re-upholstery and furniture repair. His love for restoring furniture and making it like new again led him to expand his horizons and also learn the art of wood furniture repair and refinishing. In 1987 with the idea of starting a top flight on site furniture repair company,  Furniture Service was started. We have since serviced over 20,000 satisfied customers while also servicing clients for some of the finest furniture houses and designers throughout the country. Call now for your free consultation.


                           Services Provided
 *Re-Upholstery*                                      *Refinishing*
 *Rush Seats*         
 *loose dining chairs tightened*
 *New foam for sagging cushions*
 *Fabric protection plans*
 *And much more*                                                                                                 
We carry a wide selection of fabrics please take advantage of our free shop at home service                                                    ****Call Now****                                                       516 578 0129